About Us

The Manzel Difference

Manzel Craft was founded in 2016 with a simple vision—making high quality, custom cabinets more accessible.  Manzel Craft offers a smart solution to the industry's outdated standard of choosing from East Asian “semi-custom” cabinets available only in limited colors and styles or custom cabinets that come at a high-cost premium. Instead, we choose to invest in green, sustainable American craftsmanship and carpentry and support our local community through our cabinet buy-back program.  Manzel Craft custom cabinetry is produced by over 1,200 experienced US craftsmen in the heart of Amish country and North Carolina who share our passion for high quality, American premium products to offer:

  • Highest quality American-made, locally-sourced solid wood and engineered products;
  • Made-to-order cabinets measured and designed for your space to reduce waste and added costs;
  • Any color, stain, or glaze at no additional charge;
  • Fully custom cabinets crafted with a strong commitment to empowering our community and environment.

Manzel Craft believes that through designing beautifully, functional spaces you can enjoy the Power in Craft.  We listen to you to design and custom build your dream space while also giving a local family in need a second chance with your old cabinetry.  Through our cabinet buy-back program, we pay you for your old cabinets and donate them to local families, reducing waste and empowering our community as you enjoy your new update.  

In a true American dream, Manzel Craft has created an inspired, custom cabinetry line crafted from the finest quality materials under the strictest standards so that everyone can enjoy their well-designed, perfectly organized spaces. 

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